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GST is one of the biggest responsibilities to perform in India for any business unit which is specifically focused on distracting complicated expense instruments and aid in fulfilling higher stability crossways over an organization in the nation. As prescribed and directed by the GST Council, an enterprise would be needed to choose for GST if annual turnover surpasses Rs.40 lacs  (or Rs. 20 lacs on the probability that it is managing in North-Eastern states).

There are multiple techniques too that make it compulsory to conform to GST paying little respect to the turnover. In case, if a business is engaged with two or more states exchange, at that instant a GST number would be generated which would be fundamental. Under the regime of new expenses, it is basic for any business to have a GST number. Having experience in providing multiple GSTNs, we understand the issues in taking GST numbers looked at by the institutions. Intending to hold up private ventures, we are offering distinct GST Services from GST Number registration to GST Return Filing.


  • GST Registration– 750 INR*
  • GSTIN Modification-  500 INR*
  • GST Return Filing – 500 INR
  • Annual GST Return-  2400 INR*
  • GST Audit- 16500 INR*
  • Company formation – Upto Rs 1 Lac (charges varies upto 10500)*
  • LLP Formation- 9500 INR*
  • Customer Service Point (CSP)*
  • Ayushman Bharat Registration*
  • Accounting Packages- 1200 INR*
  • CA Certification(Bank Verification Purpose) – 1500 INR*
  • CA Certification(Balance sheet)- 15000 INR*
  • Digital Signature Certificate- 2250 INR*
  • EPF Registration- 2000 INR*
  • Fssai Registration- 1000 INR(Food Licence Registration)*
  • ISO Certification- 10800 INR*
  • ITR – 500 INR
  • PF & ESI Registration- 4000 INR
  • Registration of Shop & Establishment- 3000 INR
  • MSME Registration- 1100 INR
  • Pan card Registration- 107 INR
  • Trademark Registration- 7500 INR
  • Insurance – Upto 45%
  • Mobile Recharge -Upto 6%
  • AEPS (Aadhar Enable Payment system)- 8 to 12 INR
  • Passport Seva (Registration)*

*(Prices can be varied)

E-Way Bill

E-Way Bill is a kind of draft that is found in electronic form and specifically used for the development of merchandise that can be generated on the eWay Bill Portal. Export and import of products having cost more than 50,000 (Single Invoice/conveyance challan/charge) in incentive in a vehicle can’t be made by an enlisted person without an e-way bill.

  • E-Way Bill Registration- 160 INR
  • E-Way (Pack-5) One Month – 250 INR

Company Regisration:-

Private Limited is a demanding joining kind in India. A Private Limited Company is an association that is privately held for separated ventures. The responsibility of the members from a Private Limited Company is obligated to the assessment of offers individually held by them. Offers of Private Limited Company can’t be marketed on an open market.

LLP shows a Limited Liability Partnership. It is the corporate type of organization firm(s) with loosened up adherence. The idea was initially generated by LLCs in the USA. Have your next huge effect with LLP.

An owner Firm is an enterprise that effectually has no distinct presence from its owner. Pay and Losses are saddled on the individual’s close to home yearly government form. The sole ownership is the most forthright business structure following which a business can work.

The sole proprietorship is anything but a legitimate substance.


Service Marks and Trademarks are linked to a producer’s or a merchant’s things and administrations to identify them in the corporate center. A trademark or administration symbol keeps someone else from providing a comparable item or management ambiguously like yours. In case if you have not enlisted your trademark, you might be restricted from using the same by somebody who has already done it.

MSME Registration

MSME Registration is the Registration under the MSMED (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development) Act that provides Micro, Small and Medium calculated efforts with a large group of benefits and access to endowments and plans.


  1. Bank Loans
  2. Low Interest rate
  3. Refund of the expenses on ISO Certification

Income Tax Services

Everybody who has a source of pay in India is liable to yearly responsibility. This amount could be benefits, compensation, or could be from a funding account that is quietly aggregating a 4% premium. Certainly, victors of test present or architects providing control abroad will be liable to charges. We bring forward to help with documenting your expenditures digitally as a business or an individual (by the side of loss proclamation, planning of Profit and Balance Sheet) and CA Certified Version at practical.


  •  IT Return Filing with Computation (Salaried)
  •  IT Return Filing with Computation (Business)
  •  CA Certified ITR and Computation of Income
  •  ITR with P&L, Balance Sheet
  •  ITR with CA Certified Balance Sheet, P&L
  •  Tax Audit, ITR with CA Certifies P&L, Balance Sheet
  •  TAN Registration

 TDS Returns

Digital Signatures

The way, physical Documents are signed physically, in the same way, electronic records are maintained by using a digital signature certificate with full of attention. It is necessary to use a DSC in the distinctive process of adjustment and e-confirmation. All Companies are mandatory to have Certificates for ROC recording, Digital signature, IT Returns, GST Returns. We provide DSC according to your required followed up terms & conditions within the prescribed period.


  •  DSC DGFT (1 Year) Individual
  •  DSC DGFT (2 Year) Company
  •  DSC DGFT (2 Year) Individual

PAN Card

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued as a covered card, by the Income Tax Department, to any business unit or “individual” or business who opts for it or to whom the IT Department dispense the number.


  • PAN Card
  • Pan Card Correction

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